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Thank You Brian - Peace On

By Nancy Merritt · April 06, 2018

Brian Gibbs Advocates for DoP <span>&copy; Nancy Merritt </span>

Brian Gibbs Advocates for DoP

Brian & Kids for Peace Pie Meeting <span>&copy;  </span> Brian & DoP Volunteers <span>&copy; Nancy Merritt </span> Brian, Sue, Cynthia, Others @ MLK Breakfast <span>&copy; Nancy Merritt </span>

Brian Gibbs passed away unexpectedly on March 18, 2018.  He was a huge part of the Department of Peacebuilding (DoP) Campaign, Southeast San Diego Kids For Peace and other groups working for a culture of peace with each other and the earth.

Starting in 2004, Brian joined with Americans for a Department of Peace (AFDOP), which was started at his church – Unity Center of San Diego.  During this period he also began participating with Transmission Meditation in weekly meditation sessions.  In 2007, Brian and Sue Trisler began a life-long relationship and mentorship with Cynthia Gilliam, her granddaughter Cierra Cloud and Southeast San Diego Kids For Peace, participating with them in Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Breakfasts, Mother's Day visits to members of Congress, International Day of Peace events, City Council events and more. 

In 2011, he joined with CA Department of Peacebuilding (DoP) leadership to successfully build support for the DoP legislation within the CA Democratic Party and with other organizations.  He developed our flyer on Violence Is Costly, Peace Is Priceless, assisted with updates to the Department of Peacebuilding legislation and was with us at least weekly via email, phone conferences and in-person tabling for a DoP.  He was also involved with environmental groups.  He was a loving supporter of all of these groups and the individuals in his life -- especially his daughter, Brianna, who was his pride and joy.

Brian was a fountain of knowledge about peacebuilding, climate change, voting rights and so many other issues.  He was a salesman for the beautiful city of San Diego and the state of California.  He constantly passed on to us positive developments in the news and talked about/ lived the importance of meditation, exercise, travel, and experiencing cultural events.  

Lily Marie said, “Whether he shared his life in person or on the Department of Peacebuilding calls — he was always upbeat and humorous, gracious and humble, brilliant as a resource of knowledge and wisdom, generous and inspiring.  He, of course, will be missed by all who knew him and by the many who will be changed forever by his loving actions.”

Other Tributes

Some other tributes to Brian include:

  • Brian was there when we started the Department of Peace group in San Diego and continued long after others left. (Christine Elliot, Americans for a Department of Peace)
  • I have known Brian for 16 years. He was giving  of his heart and his love – Brianna, you carry that with you. (John McNeil, Americans for a Department of Peace)
  • Brian was always there to brighten our day with good news … he is a beautiful soul who cannot be replaced. (Maggi Koren, CA DoP Dem Endorsement team)
  • Brian was a sweet, kind, considerate and gentle person.  (Kendra Mon, National DoP Committee)
  • Brian was an example of how one person can make a difference.  (Josh Roebuck, CA DoP Dem Endorsement team)
  • In addition to all that he did, because of his love of the environment, Brian started a highway trash pickup group.  He was a wonderful soul who inspired Patty to organize New Mexico’s six city/ county endorsements of the DoP.  (Patty Duncan, DoP, Unity, Transmission Meditation)
  • He was so energetic, positive and focused in his research and when talking about the DoP, including his research about CA bills relating to peacebuilding.  He was a giving, giving spirit.  (Terry Mason, Peace Alliance)
  • He was a unique, brilliant person, caring and generous person who brought so much enthusiasm when we tabled at various events.  (Jerilyn Stapleton, CA DoP Dem Endorsement team)
  • One of the last things Brian told Cynthia was to take care of herself and be happy.  He was always there for the kids of Southeast San Diego – he started marching with them 12 years ago and never stopped.  He believed in and supported the kids.  He lives on in us.  (Cynthia Gilliam, Southeast San Diego Kids for Peace)
  • Not only did he do the work of peace, he lived it through his friendship and encouragement for all of us to be the peace.  (Nancy Merritt, CA DoP Dem Endorsement team)


Maggi Koren said these words by an unknown author offer represent Brian, “In time when the acute pain of our loss begins to fade, we realize like never before that life is fragile.  And when we lose a special person in our lives we are certainly forever changed.  As some people journey through life, they leave footprints wherever they go -- footprints of kindness and love, courage and compassion, humor and inspiration, joy and generosity.  And even when they are gone, we can look back and clearly see the trail they left behind – the trail bright with hope that invites  us to  follow. That’s our Brian.”

Christine Elliot dedicated to Brian a Morning Chant by Rickie Byars Beckwith:

The spirit of love is all that I am now
Don’t worry about me, now I am alright
That worry I had, let if fade into the light
I’m more than flesh, more than time
The spirit of love is all that I am now

I always did the best that I could see
Lift up my name for what I chose to be
Don’t worry about me, now I am alright
I’m more than flesh, more than time
The spirit of love is all that I am now

The spirit of love is all that I am now


Josh Roebuck provided some videos of and by Brian:

Thank You Brian

We thank Brian for the generosity of his time and spirit and for his thoughtfulness, persistence and appreciation of life.  We thank him for his “right relationships” and for being peace.   

“… peace is the wholeness created by right relationships with oneself, other persons, other cultures, other life, Earth and the larger whole of which all are a part.”  - Earth Charter

Nancy Merritt 

On Behalf of Those Whose Lives Brian Touched, including
CA Department of Peacebuilding Leadership Team and Campaign
National Department of Peacebuilding Campaign
Americans for a Department of Peace (San Diego) 
The Peace Alliance
Southeast San Diego Kids (and Adults) For Peace
Transmission Meditation 

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