Sunday, Sep. 25, 2016

2016 U.S. Report to Global Alliance for Ministries & Infrastructures for Peace

By Nancy Merritt

The GAMIP report was written by Kendra Mon with contributions from the...

Jo Ann Gaines, Rep. Barbara Lee, Terry Mason

Promoting Facets of Peacebuilding from CA to the Halls of Congress

By Nancy Merritt

In the midst of government dysfunction, electioneering, national platform discussions, and continuing violence – including the unthinkable mass shooting murders in Orlando, FL – the CA Peace Alliance...

Debra Poss with Congressman John Lewis

Connecting with Congressman John Lewis on Sensible Gun Policy, in Atlanta

By Debra Poss

Congressman John Lewis (D-GA-5) held a town hall meeting on “ Gun Control", or sensible gun policy on Wednesday, June 29th at the Martin Luther...


Vibrant Citizen Engagement: Sonoma County (CA) Embraces Restorative Practices Which Save Money & Improve Lives

By Nancy Merritt

Note:  We are proud of Sonoma County (CA), its citizen engagement groups...


CA Peace Alliance Builds Peace Into the CA Democratic Party 2016 Platform

By Nancy Merritt

The journey of the CA Peace Alliance/ Department of Peacebuilding Campaign to build peace in the 2016 CA Democratic Party (CDP) Platform – plank...


Action Team Updates

Kendra Mon, Maggi Koren and Jeanna Ruppel

Sonoma County, CA Peace Alliance Season for Nonviolence Report

Five years ago Peace Alliance members of Sonoma County invited other non profit peacebuilding organizations to work on a joint project and the Season for Nonviolence Coalition was founded. They formed a coalition to promote the many programs and practices they offered which help to prevent violence in their community. They were very...


Supporter Updates

CA Peace Alliance Volunteers with 'Bernie Sanders', 'Joe Biden' & 'Hillary Clinton'

CA Peace Alliance Accomplishments & Adventures at the 2016 CA Democratic Party Convention

Imagine a world where people listen and talk with each other to break down barriers that contribute to conflict and seemingly separate us.  That is what peacebuilding is about.

The CA Peace...

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