Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2017
CA Peace Alliance & San Diego Kids for Peace

Time to ‘See with Your Heart’: Election Post Mortem – CA DoP & Kids for Peace at State Democratic Party Meeting

By Nancy Merritt


CA Peace Alliance Award to Veterans Caucus

Defending CA’s Accomplishments: Issues and Advocacy at the CA Democratic E-Board

By Nancy Merritt

As attendees processed presidential and other election results at the CA Democratic Party Executive Board (CDP E-Board), the CA Democratic Party resolved to defend its many...

Dennis Kucinich Given Peace Pioneer Pin by Dept. of Peacebuilding Group

Dennis Kucinich Speaks on Peace at the World Beyond War Conference in D.C.

By Debra Poss

Former Congressman Dennis Kucinich, original primary sponsor of the 21st Century Department of Peace bill, spoke at the World Beyond War Conference...

Rep. Barbara Lee (CA) Office

Reaching Across the Aisle: Building Peace Into the National Conversation

By Nancy Merritt

Creating a countrywide model of peace is possibly the most powerful means for inspiring humanity to put an end to violence.”  –...

Rep. Katherine Clark(MA) Office -G.Browning

Wonky Stuff: Peace-Related Initiatives in the Works

By Nancy Merritt

During the week of International Day of Peace (IDoP) (9/21/16), Peace Alliance volunteers traveled to Capitol Hill to discuss peacebuilding legislation, including the Department of...


Action Team Updates

Kendra Mon, Maggi Koren and Jeanna Ruppel

Sonoma County, CA Peace Alliance Season for Nonviolence Report

Five years ago Peace Alliance members of Sonoma County invited other non profit peacebuilding organizations to work on a joint project and the Season for Nonviolence Coalition was founded. They formed a coalition to promote the many programs and practices they offered which help to prevent violence in their community. They were very...


Supporter Updates

Pix 1 - Peace Alliance delegation lobbying for DoP

Bidding Farewell to the Peace Alliance Interns

Written By Anne Creter, National Department of Peacebuilding Committee of the Peace Alliance

The student interns’ last day at the Peace Alliance was June 30, 2016.  We wanted it to be...

2016 U.S. Report to Global Alliance for Ministries & Infrastructures for Peace
Promoting Facets of Peacebuilding from CA to the Halls of Congress


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